World of Learning Children's Center
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Open Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Year Round

Toddler with Teacher - Day Care in Burlington, MA

Our Philosophy

We believe that children should enjoy learning and should have fun in expressing their curiosity about themselves and the world around them. Our curriculum emphasizes and promotes "active learning", through hands on experience, observation and discovery. Our educators help the children to develop confidence by setting limits, offering direction, explanation and encouragement as well as praising them for their effort.

Our Educators plan a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets each child's ability level and supports school-readiness, still allowing for flexibility, spontaneity and child-directed (as well as educator-initiated) activities. There is plenty of time for playing inside and outside, as well as daily routines such as eating, sleeping, hygiene and self-help.

Material is planned as a weekly thematic unit. The themes and activities are introduced in a way that "hooks" the children and sparks their curiosity. The children are encouraged to explore through all their senses. Through playing and guided activities the curriculum fosters so many life skills: building trust, independence, confidence, relationships, social skills, literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, understanding cause and effect, communication skills, self-discipline, math and self-help skills.


Our Preschool Program is a one or two year program depending on the child's birth date. The preschool children are separated into two groups by age and/or ability level and participate in the same curriculum. Each group, however, may emphasize different aspects of the curriculum that are geared to their abilities. The Educators incorporate language, arts & crafts, math, science, cooking, music and movement, and social studies in to their lessons each week. The children are captivated by the theme of the week and eager to learn.


Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is a one year program that prepares and focuses on readiness skills for the children prior to entering Kindergarten. Our small class size allows for plenty of one on one attention for each child and opportunities for writing, reading, arts & crafts, math, science, cooking, music and movement, social studies and phonics. Teaching social skills is also an important part of our program. This helps the children to form lasting friendships and helps to prepare each child for success in years to come.


A 5.5 hour per day program between the hours of 6:30 AM and 2:30 PM, from 2 to 5 days per week.


• Computer Games & Activities
• Special Lunch & Snacks
• Indoor & Outdoor Games
• Dramatic Play Center
• Arts & Crafts
• Cooking Activities
• Storytelling
• Fitness & Sports
• Music & Movement
• Sand & Water Play
• Trips to the Local Park